Soft Enamel Lapel Pins – Economical Class

soft enamel pins

Soft enamel lapel pins are the most common type of lapel pin seen in use today. With a textured surface, these pins offer depth and classic appearance.

soft enamel pins

What makes this type of pin different from a Cloisonne lapel pin is the lack of a finishing process that smooths the surface. Once a mold has been created, the design is pressed into the base metal leaving raised and recessed areas within your design. Typically, the colors of the custom pins are filled into the recessed mold areas and thin metal borders separate each color. The result is a pin surface that has metal areas that are slightly raised above the colored areas, offering texture and a 2-D type appearance. When you compare this to a Cloisonne pin, the Cloisonne will have a completely smooth surface because the pin with color fills is polished until all areas are even.

Soft Enamel Pricing

$2.44 $1.94 $1.41 $1.17 $1.04 $0.99 $0.89 $0.85 $0.74 $0.60
$2.51 $2.00 $1.48 $1.21 $1.08 $1.02 $0.96 $0.89 $0.77 $0.65
$2.58 $2.14 $1.59 $1.27 $1.13 $1.05 $0.97 $0.91 $0.82 $0.69
$2.75 $2.31 $1.87 $1.38 $1.22 $1.16 $1.03 $0.97 $0.84 $0.78
$3.13 $2.61 $2.12 $1.66 $1.49 $1.42 $1.36 $1.18 $1.04 $1.01
$3.28 $2.76 $2.27 $1.80 $1.63 $1.56 $1.49 $1.32 $1.18 $1.15

Soft Enamel lapel pins are widely used in promotional events as give-aways, or as trading pins for baseball and other sports teams. Even the advanced and creative educational organization Destination Imagination uses this type for their trading pins. The economical and pleasing appearance of this style allows your club or group to have their very own custom lapel pins made without breaking your budget.

Lapel Pin Plating Options

lapel pin plating options

Additional Lapel Pin Options

lapel pin additional options

Lapel Pin Attachment Options

lapel pin attachment options

Lapel Pin Presentation Options

lapel pin presentation options

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