Offset Printed Lapel Pins – Unlimited Versatility

offset printed lapel pins

If you want the greatest design flexibility for your custom pins project at a terrific price, look no further than Offset Printed Lapel Pins.

Unlike all other design techniques, these lapel pins allow for a wide range of colors that can fade and mix into one another without the limits of metal borders around each color found in other types of pins. This type is ideal for those wanting to reproduce an actual image or picture onto a custom lapel pin. Each pin is designed by our staff artists in a format that allows the highest detail and true reproduction of your image.

offset printed lapel pins

Popular uses of Offset Printed lapel pins include those that are passed out at family reunions, recognize historic landmarks, or honor portraits of specific people. We can modify any existing picture or graphic for your specific needs with this process. The entire pin is coated in Epoxy for image protection and gives the surface a glossy finish.

Offset Printed Pricing

$2.35 $1.80 $1.30 $1.05 $0.93 $0.87 $0.77 $0.68 $0.60 $0.56
$2.42 $1.91 $1.38 $1.11 $0.98 $0.92 $0.82 $0.72 $0.64 $0.54
$2.75 $2.22 $1.69 $1.36 $1.27 $1.19 $1.14 $1.01 $0.91 $0.76
$2.93 $2.46 $1.99 $1.52 $1.43 $1.36 $1.21 $1.07 $0.99 $0.83
$3.03 $2.61 $2.12 $1.66 $1.49 $1.42 $1.36 $1.18 $1.04 $1.01
$3.28 $2.76 $2.27 $1.80 $1.63 $1.56 $1.49 $1.32 $1.18 $1.15

Lapel Pin Plating Options

lapel pin plating options

Additional Lapel Pin Options

lapel pin additional options

Lapel Pin Attachment Options

lapel pin attachment options

Lapel Pin Presentation Options

lapel pin presentation options

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