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Awareness Ribbon PinsAt first it was tying a yellow ribbon around the ‘old oak tree’ as the song taught us, but now the powerful symbolic gesture of wearing a small folded ribbon pin immediately shows the people around you that you care about something. Whether you are wearing a pink ribbon to show your support for breast cancer awareness, or a red ribbon to make people aware that you care about AIDS research, the power of that simple item goes miles in pushing a cause forward. How many times have you seen somebody wearing a ribbon of a different color, then go on to ask them what it is for?

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No matter what your charity may be, custom awareness ribbon pins can convey a lot very quickly. If your charity is to go to the family of someone who has lost their fight against an illness, the properly colored ribbon with their name on it is a powerful thing. Not only does it help bring awareness to the disease, but also to one face in the thousands or millions that suffer from it. You will find that being able to connect in such away to those that want to fight or donate makes your movement that much stronger.

If you are trying to bring some knowledge about a cause that you assume many are unfamiliar with, such as the ‘puzzle’ ribbon helping in autism awareness, make sure you know a little bit about the cause. Keeping a small flyer or information card can do a lot in conveying the meaning of why you support the issue so strongly. Whether it is somebody in your family, or a friend that is dealing with this issue, you are helping spread the word by keeping your ribbon prominent.

Awareness Ribbon Pin for CancerAlways make sure, when trying to find a way to promote your charity, that you aren’t already using a color that has been commonly connected to an awareness ribbon pin. For example, the jade ribbon is commonly connected with liver cancer, so avoid that color. There are lists available online that are going to help you figure out what has been used before, and in what context. Everybody has a right to show support, but it is very important that you don’t get your messages crossed. That’s why perhaps adding a bit of a custom flare to your awareness ribbon pin might be in order.

Even just a simple look online will show that an orange ribbon helps support everything from animal abuse to ADHD, which means that the field is already muddled. The purple ribbon has no less than ten different definitions connecting it, each of them drastically different than the last. A simple way to differentiate these would be to add a little something custom to the ribbon itself, or the ribbon’s edging.

A simple word put on the ribbon, or a more creative design like the previously mentioned puzzle pieces gives your cause a lot more ‘oompf’ without causing confusion amongst the general populace. Be smart and careful about your ribbon choice, and you will find that your supporters will appreciate it.

Sadly, we all have to deal with the ravages of problems and disease in this world, but by showing your support to fight these problems, you are showing that for every darkness there is some light. A custom awareness ribbon pin is the right way to share the problems, and hopefully help in finding the solution. A little research and a clear and concise concept is all you need to move forward and start helping people realize that there are people out there that want to help. Please refer to Wikipedia for a listing of Awareness Ribbon color designations.

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