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cloisonne pins

Quite simply, when you want the absolute highest quality lapel pins around, the Cloisonne process is the solution. These distinctive pins are fashioned using a complex technique that originated hundreds of years ago. The main reason that Cloisonne is the first choice for custom lapel pins is that this ancient method results in a high-quality jewelry finish that is durable and detailed. Your custom lapel pins will be both distinctive and classy, while serving a useful purpose.

cloisonne pins

What makes Cloisonne so special? The process of making Cloisonne lapel pins is accomplished through several steps. First, the design or logo that you have chosen for your custom lapel pins is die-struck into a copper or metal base (a mold). Second, using the particular colors that you choose, the recessed areas (or cavities) of the lapel pins are hand-filled with powdered glass. You choose the colors from a special range of Cloisonne shades. The next step is to fire the lapel pins at a very high temperature. This high temperature firing turns the colored areas into a glass-like surface. Each color is applied separately and then fired again, so that the colors do not bleed into one another.

Cloisonne Pricing

$2.57 $2.04 $1.49 $1.27 $1.15 $1.09 $1.01 $0.95 $0.79 $0.70
$2.59 $2.09 $1.59 $1.30 $1.19 $1.14 $1.12 $1.01 $0.91 $0.81
$2.71 $2.18 $1.68 $1.38 $1.22 $1.17 $1.10 $1.05 $0.94 $0.91
$2.94 $2.44 $1.93 $1.47 $1.39 $1.37 $1.29 $1.14 $0.99 $0.95
$3.21 $2.61 $2.15 $1.99 $1.81 $1.65 $1.55 $1.36 $1.23 $1.18
$3.51 $3.05 $2.55 $2.07 $2.00 $1.89 $1.82 $1.63 $1.49 $1.44

Finally, the custom lapel pins are hand-polished one at a time and are finished in your choice of gold or silver. A final inspection insures that the lapel pins are exactly what you ordered. Your lapel Pins are then individually packaged for a superb and professional presentation.

Because this ancient technique shows such distinctive detail, even a very complicated logo or intricate design will be rendered perfectly. The high quality workmanship means that the colors will not fade, so that the lapel pins will be a lasting piece of jewelry that can be worn for many years. Your employees will recognize the high quality of the lapel pins and realize that you have gone the extra mile in showing your appreciation for their hard work. You can use customized Cloisonne lapel pins for recognizing work well done, as awards, as membership pins, for company promotions, advertising, and charity sales. The reality is that Cloisonne lapel pins are an artistic, upscale gift.

Lapel Pin Plating Options

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