Destination Imagination (DI) Trading Pins

Lapel Pins Limited has been part of the creativity and team spirit that is such a large part of the Destination Imagination Youth Organization. Our design team has crafted thousands of trading pins for this non-profit group, and thoroughly enjoys translating each DI team’s vision into a remarkable piece for their event each year. The culmination of hard work is recognized each year at the Global Finals when D.I. teams showcase their ingenuity and creative skills. More often than not, trading pins are an integral part of the landscape for the young members.

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Destination Imagination is a highly recognized educational non-profit group, formed in 1999, that reaches out to over a hundred thousand teachers and students around the globe. Participants are engaged to tackle extreme mental challenges as a group, normally in organized after school sessions. The purpose of such exercises is to empower today’s youth to solve complex problems and promote creativity. Each task a team addresses is presented at tournaments and judges by DI volunteers, and the luck teams who show exceptional skills are invited to the Global Finals.

Global Finals is an extravaganza that the students who participate in will remember forever. With no border limits, students from around the world representing 60 countries converge on elaborately designed stages to compete.

If you have ever seen a Superbowl half-time show or popular music concert, after attending a Destination Imagination Opening Ceremony you would likely equate the two. The teams are coached to win and their excitement is not underestimated as shown in this video from the 2011 Opening Ceremonies.

Destination Imagination Trading Pins are a symbol of accomplishment. They are a keepsake badge displaying to the world participation in a competition of mental strength and creativity. In addition, the pins are designed by the participants themselves who proudly wear them or trade them with family and friends. What better display of creative intelligence that a finely crafted metal insignia that will remain throughout a lifetime as a continued reminder of successes.

DI is a wondrous national and international program designed to expand and develop the participant’s creative thinking and problem solving abilities while at the same time develop teamwork skills. Teams compete from kindergarten through college to complete a project. At the completion of the project it is then entered into a competition to be judged based on the outlined criteria. Each team then designs their own unique trading pin based on the project they have completed. These pins are not simply a stock reproduction signifying the organization. Each one is uniquely designed to represent not only the individual who displays it, but the specific project they successfully completed. Mementos such as these have a profound influence on the owners self esteem and sense of accomplishment.

Throughout history trading pins have signified pride in the owner’s affiliation. Nursing students receive their school pin in a special ceremony to signify completion of a milestone in training. Not too long ago, girls wore their boyfriend’s fraternity pins to show they weren’t interested in dating any others. Destination Imagination Trading Pins hold this level of significance proclaiming to the world “I’m special.” Made of sturdy metal and available in unlimited styles created by the individual teams, they are typically 1 – 2 1/2 inches in diameter but can be created in any size or shape. Additionally, they are considered spectacular because the creative designs are uniquely generated to reflect the prowess in creative thinking of the designer/wearer.

Design possibilities for team members to consider include casting in classic embossed, die struck and classic new enamel. Printed images are available as well. Other options for consideration include cloisonne, soft enamel etching and custom iron pins. Team designers can experiment with 3D molds as well. The choices to push the envelope of creativity are practically endless and will reflect the imagination of the team themselves. Seeing the teams unique design idea turn into an actual, collectible piece, is an integral part of the program’s experience.

Trading pins are well known in sports teams displaying physical prowess and participation. There are many hobbyist trading lapel pins. DI trading pins, because of their uniqueness in design and the representation of accomplished mental abilities are particularly sought after by collectors adding to the value of these beautiful keepsakes. If an individual participates in this program in sequential competitions, they collect a different pin for each year. The addition of each stunning creation reflects the ongoing development in each team member as knowledge and experience is reflected in each year’s pin. What better way for a student entering into adulthood to review and reflect the significance, the enjoyment, and the camaraderie each Destination Imagination Trading Pins represents.

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