Personalized Flag Lapel Pins

In general, flag lapel pins can be used in much the same way as custom lapel pins in promoting companies, events, organizations, many sporting events, or political campaigns.

Custom Flag PinsOrdering custom lapel pins that are designed with various flags can be done in as fast as 5 to 7 days, depending on the artwork sent by the client, as well as the shipping time for the finished product.

The beauty of using flag lapel pins is that any flag variation can be incorporated into the your design. We custom design your pins using the US flag, or any other flag you can imagine. Our artists use their creative skills and the latest drafting techniques to come up with an original design just for your event.

By combining the power of custom pins with that of such a recognizable symbol, you can see why lapel pins with flags are so popular – they hold “patriotic power” in a small package.

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The Value of Flag Lapel Pins

Many people do not know that personalized lapel pins have been used for identification since the late 1800s. During modern times the value of lapel pins has grown considerably across many sectors including the military, private companies, clubs, organizations, and government agencies among others. There are some intrinsic values of flag pins that you may appreciate, like:

• Element of integral identity. In much the same way that any lapel pin can be used to establish corporate identity, the flag lapel pin can serve in the same manner especially for employees of embassies and other similar government agencies. Well-made lapel pins can look great on the employees especially if designed with the logo, vision, or tag line of the agency.

• Easy recognition and information. Public organizations normally incorporate their own seal or logo with the national flag. Using this custom design for flag lapel pins makes it easier to identify members of the organization as well as get overview information of the organization that they belong to.

Classic examples would be the logo of the Red Cross which is an international organization. Usually the local chapters in each country would include the country flags to distinguish them from other chapters. The same design and concept can be adopted with personalized lapel pins.

• Achievement, reward, recognition, and success. The same way that pins or medals are awarded as part of a reward program, or as a citation for an achievement of a person, flag lapel pins can be used in the same manner.

Basically, an American company can incorporate the American flag into the design of years of service pins to give it a more distinct look and appeal. In this context, they can be associated with achievement, reward, recognition, success, and patriotism for service rendered to the company.

• Commercial value. Some companies usually make use of lapel pins as part of their giveaways during Christmas or any other type of holiday including company anniversary for example. naturally, flag pins can have the value of collectibles and not just as plain gifts.

The value of the flag lapel pins is even enhanced if the company makes it an annual practice with various customized designs being released in limited number every year. This will truly give them the value of being collectibles.

How to Use Flag Pins

Flag Lapel PinUsing lapel pins with a flag incorporated into the design does not necessarily mean, or refer to the manner of how it should be worn, but rather, on how it helps to express an intended information or commitment. There is no question that despite the relatively small size of lapel pins, they can carry significant messages and express certain intentions that can easily catch the eye of any person.

There are potentially thousands of ways to use flag lapel pins. That would of course depend on the intention, design, as well as preference not only of the giver, but also of the recipient. Some of the potentially viable uses include:

• Showing country colors. Normally lapel pins used in a corporate setting are intended to express corporate colors for easy identity of the employee by the customer. In some instances the pins are used for product introduction as well as brand recognition. This is the reason why many custom pins are being handed out in sales meeting, trade shows, and conventions, to consolidate image building, as well as corporate identity.

By incorporating the country flag into the design, they can serve the purpose of showing country colors in the same way that a flag can be waived proudly. Moreover, it can be used to express both country and corporate colors like in having a 100% American owned company.

• Establish commitment. There are undoubtedly a number of organizations and associations that are committed to a particular cause like AIDS, breast cancer, child abuse, and animal rights among others. These organizations can actually use flag lapel pins to demonstrate the commitment of their members to their cause.

A red ribbon for example, which symbolizes commitment to the fight against AIDS, can be incorporated into the design of the American flag to dramatize the desire of Americans to continue the fight against the dreaded disease.

• Express your pride. Use them to express your pride in your country and its people. It helps to dramatize love for country and the ideals that it stands for.

In patriotic celebrations, a patriotic lapel pin can be important mementos to emphasize, for example, the 100th year celebration of Independence Day. Surely there is pride to be highlighted in such a patriotic celebration to demonstrate to the world that it is not just an empty phrase, but something meaningful to the people.

There are so many ways that flag lapel pins can be used and so many different ways that it can be designed. Primarily, when it comes to the design, the only limitation is the preference and needs of the clients. In order to ensure that the value of the message will not be diminished, it is equally important to consider a capable manufacturer to handle the production of your pins.

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